Middle East success for Bilchev and Rutter

Nothing like your maiden ITF Junior title to lock away in the memory bank and now we have two more grantees who have achieved this success. 15 year old Kylie Bilchev has only recently returned to competition after injury, but carried forward a good enough ranking to be seeded seventh in the Fujairah Cup in the United Arab Emirates. And in truth she won the Grade 5 event in relative comfort with one exception – the Azerbaijani 4th seed Umayra Hashimova, whom she beat in the quarter final by 7-6 (2) in the final set, so this title was both a relief to be back in competition and a springboard for future success.

Another winner was Matthew Rutter, also 15, who was competing in a similar Grade 5 event in Bahrain. He was tested in Round 1 by Rahul Jaideep (IND), winning 7-5 6-4, before completing 4 more two set wins to take the title. Rutter lives in Exeter, but travels all the way to Bath for training. Such dedication (and commitment from his parents!) deserves its reward.  Congratulations to two of our rising stars!